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Do you have a passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Would you think a backpacking trek in the Himalayas would be an exciting adventure?  Are you in good shape physically and love to work in a team atmosphere?

Well, if you answered yes to all of these questions, we would like you to prayerfully consider joining us as we take another exciting medical missions trip to the nation of Nepal.

Nepal, for centuries, has been a land of mystery.  Totally closed to outsiders; A land of contrast; The highest mountains in the world.  Jungles inhabited by tribal people only 400 ft. above sea level;  One of the poorest nations in the world; Totally landlocked.

It is the place of the origin of eastern religions.  Devout Hindus wander the streets, worshiping before shrines and ancient images.  In various tribal groups and in the high mountain villages, Buddhist thought dominates the culture of these people.  In the far west, as in many other places in the hills and in the Terai, people live in primitive fashion as they have for centuries.

Everywhere you look there is need.  There is suffering and physical deprivation.  Sanitation and hygiene is unknown to many of the people.  The greatest need of all however is their spiritual need.   Many are dying every day having never heard of the saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In recent years, the message of the gospel has been taken to the Nepalese people by their own people.  The original church of Nepal has indigenous roots.  Since that time Asian believers and westerners have reached out to the hungry people of that needy land.  There are many new believers and the church is growing daily.  Even though it is illegal to make converts to Christ, the church is forging ahead.

We are accepting the challenge of the great commission to go to this very special harvest field up the route toward Mt. Everest and share the powerful liberating message of Christ.  Through the ministry of a small medical team going to remote areas, the gospel in its power is ministered to many of these people.  People are saved, delivered, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.  We are ambassadors of the goodness and greatness of God.

I have personally been on more than 19 trips to this Himalayan kingdom.  The ministry in this place is different than many other places we may go.  Much of the time it is personal and one on one, meeting the people in the villages and sharing the gospel in someone’s home where friends and relatives have gathered.  There are always possible opportunities to minister in some of the new fellowships along the way.  We take on this journey a medical team that will have daily opportunity to minister to the people in a practical way which will open the door to the sharing of the gospel with each one individually.  Both medical and non-medical people are always invited.

The trip is not for everyone.  Living conditions are not the best, nor is the food.  Because of the trekking on steep, primitive trails, it is always a great physical challenge.  Spiritually, it is demanding.  A person must be walking with God and be full of the Holy Spirit.  He must know the love walk.  However it is a trip that one will never forget.  The pictures of the people, the working of God in their lives will ever be etched on one’s memory.

If you should feel the direction of the Holy Spirit to make one of our missions trip, please click here and fill out an application online or sent to our office.